Talent Concept


Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the foundation of competition. Herrajes regards talents as the company's first resource, relies on talents as the fundamental prerequisite for corporate development, respects talents as the fundamental criterion for corporate development, and promotes the common development of the company and employees as the fundamental task of its talent strategy.


Herrajes is good at providing a stage for all kinds of talents to fully display their talents, so as to make the best use of their talents. The company encourages employees to develop their own abilities and continuous progress. Under the guidance of the company's talent strategy and policy, combined with employees' interests, qualities and abilities, it provides diversified training for them, and builds a perfect growth platform for employees.


Through various effective ways, Herrajes continuously improves the enterprise's human resource management level and the comprehensive quality of talents, promotes the mutual development of the enterprise and employees, and allows employees to share the results of enterprise development, achieve common development and share success.

Talent Recruitment

Mold designer

Job requirements:
1. More than 2.3 years working experience in precision mold design;
2 Familiar with the working principle of stamping equipment;
3. Master the manufacturing of forging and casting molds, and have on-site operation experience in EDM, wire cutting, etc.;
4. Able to independently complete the design and manufacture of molds;
5. Work proactively, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have good communication skills.

  • Location: Shanghai
  • Nature of work: full time
  • Education requirements: Mechanical related majors
  • Years of service: over 3 years
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • No.: 2

Warehouse keeper

Job requirements:
1. The purchase, shipment, packaging, inventory, and inventory of production materials to ensure the accuracy of the number of items;
2. Daily in-out and out-of-warehousing manual ledger registration, making corresponding management reports;
3. Responsible for the orderliness and safety of material management, and ensure that the warehouse is clean and orderly;
4. Be honest, diligent, practical, self-motivated, have a good team spirit, and be able to bear hardships and stand hard work;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

  • Location: Shanghai
  • Nature of work: full time
  • Education requirements: Mechanical related majors
  • Years of service: over 1 years
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • No.: 1