No thrust self-sealing rotary compensator

Non-thrust rotary compensator (BGXB), the patent product developed by our company, uses the most advanced and reliable self-pres- sure sealing technology and dual combination seal structure. The product has reasonable deign and advantages of all kinds of compensaior such as unique structure, zero thrust, self-sealing, and large amount of compensation, and is widely applied in heating, water supply, gas, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, textile, construction and other fields.

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Scope of application

The product is suitable for the various kinds of pipeline (such as line, comer, parallel and geographical transition to overhead), which is used to compensate the displacement caused by thermal expansion of thermal pipe.

Product main performance index

  • Working pressure: 0.6-30 MPa
  • Working temperature: – 50 to 650
  • Applicable media: hot water, steam, cooling water, circulating water, other fluids
  • combined maximum compensation: 1800mm Friction
  • friction coefficient of sealing material:≤0.15
  • Service life :up to 30 years

Ordering instructions

1.Provide the nominal size, work pressure, working temperature, compensation quantity, fluid media and required product models and quantities;

2.Material requirements of connecting tube: according to the usage and design parameters^ it is generally the same as the pipe material (20# or Q235B), which can be customized if the user has special request.

3.Interface connection form: the normal product of the company is welding, please provide flange standard if you need flanges for connection;

4.High temperature or low temperature, high pressure or negative pressure or complex pipeline, or special requirement for the product, the company can design the supply specially.