How to ensure the quality of metal expansion joints

Jiangsu Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. once encountered the customer’s question: “How can we ensure the quality of metal expansion joints?” First of all, our company has been in the field of metal expansion joints for more than 20 years. We have witnessed the entire development process of metal expansion joints. We have cooperated with many enterprises for more than 10 years, and our products have won their trust for many years and a good reputation around the world. We never deceive customers, take honesty and lean as our philosophy.

The first thing is to ensure that the materials used are reasonable. Many materials sold in the market have good or bad functions, and not all products can be produced and manufactured. If we do not understand, it will lead to unqualified product functions and quality. The second is to understand the production process and ensure the accuracy of the process. For example, temperature control, the influence of environmental factors, etc., are all factors in between.

Generally speaking, the pipeline will experience a certain stress during the transportation process. This stress will not only affect the transportation effect of the material, but also cause corresponding damage to the quality of the pipeline, so it is very serious. In order to maintain the quality of the pipeline well, shrinkage joints will be used in the task, which can be used to compensate for the influence of reverse transport caused by stress, so it is a very important equipment. In our usual use process Be sure to stop the correct equipment, so that the delivery of the material can be completed well. The metal expansion joint has a very good function due to the vibration effect caused by mechanical vibration under a certain temperature difference. It is usually used on the container shell or pipeline, and it belongs to a good flexible structure, which can cause very good result. In fact, it is a component that can be moved freely. Let me introduce you to its characteristics during operation. In fact, it works very well. First, it has good reliability during operation. You can worry about using it. , It has high safety during operation. Second, its performance is very good, and it can achieve the required work effect to a large extent. Third, its structure is very compact, and it will not appear loose when used.