The “Record Brand” column group visited Jiangsu Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd.

“Documentary Brand” is a large-scale high-definition documentary based on the elite enterprises in various industries, which records the craftsmanship spirit of excellence and never-say-die to create excellent products.

Jiangyan is under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province, spanning the Yangtze River Delta and Lixia River Plain, adjacent to Hai’an City in the east, Taixing City in the south, Xinghua and Dongtai City in the north, and Hailing District and Gaogang District in Taizhou City in the west. Jiangyan is rich in products and fertile land, known as the “land of fish and rice”. Jiangsu Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Louzhuang Town, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.

After communication, we learned that the predecessor of the company was Taizhou Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. In order to better introduce advanced scientific production technology and management system, and develop and expand the vitality and market scale of the enterprise, the enterprise has established friendly cooperative relations with Germany BERG Company and Singapore BERGACIAPAC Company. In April 2006, it became Jiangsu Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd.

After the company’s own efforts and restructuring, today’s Boge is a professional design and manufacture of metal expansion joints, stainless steel metal hoses, bellows compensators, stainless steel hoses, stainless steel corrugated compensators, rectangular compensators, non-metal compensators , A limited liability company for heat exchangers, dampers, flanges, pipe fittings, gaskets, rubber compensating pipes, shock absorbers, shock absorbers and various high pressure hose products.

As a qualified enterprise that has obtained the special equipment production license and ISO quality management system certification, the company’s product design and manufacturing are strictly in accordance with the American Corrugated Compensator Manufacturers Association Standard (EJMA), corrugated compensator, metal hose national standard GB/ T12777 and GB/T14525, marine products are implemented according to CB1153, CB613, CBM1033 and other standards. The stainless steel hoses, corrugated compensators and rubber compensator joints produced by the company have obtained product approvals from LR, BV, ABS and DNV. The products are widely used in various industrial piping systems and exported to South Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.