Why is the production of metal expansion joints increasing

Jiangsu Boge Dongjin Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. has received more and more orders for metal expansion joints in recent years. Our company is recruiting a lot of people, buying machines, and building new plants, but we never take orders blindly! We want clients to have confidence in our integrity. On the premise of ensuring the quality of our products, we take orders within our own production capacity. Why is the demand for metal expansion joints increasing? Bogedongjin will briefly explain to you below.

The function of the metal expansion joint is to slow down the stress generated by the thermal expansion of the steel after the high-temperature pipeline is heated, so as not to damage the pipeline or the connected equipment.

When the metal expansion joint is installed, if the pipeline cannot expand and contract freely, it will generate huge additional stress. Therefore, on pipelines with large temperature changes and normal temperature pipelines that require free displacement, it is necessary to set bellows expansion joints to compensate for the expansion and contraction of the pipeline and eliminate the influence of additional stress.

  1. The installation of valves and pipelines is facilitated by its telescopic amount, ensuring sealing and facilitating maintenance and disassembly.
  2. Absorb the axial, lateral and angular deformation of the pipeline caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
  3. Absorb the influence of equipment foundation and subsidence on pipelines or equipment when the ground is poorly handled.
  4. Absorb vibration and reduce noise.
  5. Absorb vibration, reduce the impact of vibration on pipelines, and avoid damage to connected equipment or pipelines.

As an elastic compensating element that can expand and contract freely, the bellows expansion joint has the advantages of reliable operation, good performance and compact structure, and has been widely used in chemical, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other departments. There are various forms of expansion joints used on containers. As far as the shape of the corrugation is concerned, U-shaped expansion joints are the most widely used, followed by Ω-shaped and C-shaped. In terms of structural compensation, the expansion joints used on the pipeline are divided into universal type, pressure balance type, hinge type and universal joint type.

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